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The risks of unnecessary C-sections for mothers and infants

When it comes to childbirth, a Cesarean section, or C-section, is a medical procedure that doctors should only perform when there are…

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What is torticollis?

Birth is a miraculous event that brings joy and happiness to families. However, sometimes complications can occur during childbirth, leading to birth…

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What is a cephalohematoma?

During childbirth, there is a small chance that a baby may experience a birth injury. One type of injury that can occur…

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Birth injuries due to vacuum-assisted deliveries

It is pivotal for parents preparing for childbirth as well as those struggling with the aftermath of a complicated delivery to have…

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What medical errors could cause a birth injury?

While the birthing process looks different for every mother, your experience should never result in harm to you or your baby due…

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Can epidurals cause long-term side effects?

Before receiving any type of medical procedure, your doctor or healthcare team must inform you of the potential risks and side effects.…

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