Birth injuries due to vacuum-assisted deliveries

It is pivotal for parents preparing for childbirth as well as those struggling with the aftermath of a complicated delivery to have a thorough understanding of their options. Sadly, unexpected challenges can arise during a delivery, and this can result in serious birth injuries. In some instances, medical professionals decide to use a vacuum extractor to facilitate the delivery. However, the improper use of this device can lead to a variety of severe injuries and even death.

Parents struggling with birth injuries due to medical professional negligence deserve justice.

An overview of injuries associated with vacuum extraction

The National Library of Medicine covers birth injuries that can occur as a result of vacuum extraction. For example, a vacuum-assisted delivery can result in an intracranial hemorrhage, cephalohematoma, scalp lacerations and brain damage. In addition, other serious injuries can arise due to the use of a vacuum extractor, such as Erb’s palsy, cerebral palsy, skull fractures and blindness.

Negligence during a vacuum-assisted delivery

Whether a doctor is in a rush or they lack experience, mistakes and negligence can increase the chances of birth injuries when they decide to use vacuum extractors. For example, doctors must ensure that vacuum extraction is appropriate given the mother’s condition. Doctors must use vacuum extractors appropriately, especially since incorrect placement of the device, too many repeated attempts after the device disengages and other errors can result in devastating injuries.

Regrettably, many parents and children face a multitude of long-term hardships as a result of medical professional negligence during childbirth.

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