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Legal Help When Your Cancer Is Overlooked

The more time you have, the easier it is to beat cancer. The failure to diagnose cancer can cost you years of potential treatment. If you have suffered due to a doctor’s misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, an early consultation with attorneys who know what they are doing is more likely to get results.

At Elam & Rousseaux, PLLC, our Charlotte medical malpractice lawyers have an exclusive focus on this area of law, and we know how to help.

Did A Medical Professional Fail To Diagnose?

When there is a failure to diagnose cancer or delayed diagnosis, the patient loses the ability to get early treatment. Timely intervention is essential to stop cancer before it metastasizes because after that, the odds of survival drastically plummet. It is common for a person with stage I cancer to have an 80% survival rate, whereas their chances for survival can drop as low as 5% with stage IV cancer.

The Consequences Of Negligence in Charlotte, NC

The failure to properly diagnose cancer can drastically alter many aspects of your life. Even if you are able to fight the cancer successfully, the delayed diagnosis may have created unnecessary extra stress on you and your family. Whether you are fighting breast cancer or colon cancer, you want to have as much time as possible to make a full recovery.

We have helped clients who have faced a variety of obstacles after misdiagnoses or failures to diagnose cancer, including:

  • We helped one client with a nodule on her lung that was recognized but never treated. In that time, it went from stage I cancer to a stage IV.
  • We helped a patient who had cervical cancer that spread to ovarian cancer, which is much more deadly and difficult to treat.
  • We represented the estate of a woman who had a positive mammogram. When the report came back, the doctor put it in her file but never did anything about it. She died a year later.
  • We helped one woman who had a biopsy on one breast. There was a positive mammogram on the other breast as well, but they never did a biopsy. She went through all the treatments, but there was never any cancer on the other breast.

All these mistakes could have been easily avoided, which would have helped these clients get years of their lives back.

Reach Out To Elam & Rousseaux, PLLC

Our Charlotte medical malpractice lawyers are here to help you through every phase of your case. We want to see that you receive proper compensation for your suffering, and we will work tirelessly for you. Start by telling us your story during a free initial consultation at Elam & Rousseaux, PLLC. Call 704-343-0000 now to get help from a team of skilled, experienced attorneys.


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