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Helping You Seek Justice For Your Loss

Have you lost a loved one due to the negligent actions of a hospital, doctor or other health care provider? Nothing can ever fix what the doctor’s negligence has done to your family, but an experienced attorney can help you file a wrongful death suit to protect the future of your family.

At Elam & Rousseaux, PLLC, our Charlotte wrongful death lawyers have over 90 years of collective experience protecting families of deceased medical malpractice victims throughout North Carolina.

Wrongful Death And Medical Malpractice

Wrongful death can result from almost any medical malpractice issue. A medical malpractice wrongful death claim is made on behalf of the estate of the deceased, and the recovery is for your loved one’s pain and suffering, your family’s loss of income and future earning capacity, and the loss of companionship. Handling these cases since 1978, we know how to demonstrate the loss to your family in court, regardless of whether or not your loved one had a will.

The size of your family’s recovery depends on a variety of factors, including whether your loved one was married or had children, their employment status and the loss to the family members left behind.

Why File A Wrongful Death Suit in Charlotte, NC?

Families of the deceased victims of medical malpractice and doctor negligence file wrongful death claims for a variety of reasons. If your family has serious financial concerns after your loss, a wrongful death suit can help you make this important adjustment. It also provides closure and accountability for the untimely death of your loved one.

When you work with us, we will take the time to listen to all your concerns, and we will fight for the following:

  • Accountability for the person whose mistake caused the death
  • Compensation for damages
  • Justice to help prevent others from experiencing a similar fate

Tell Our Team What Happened

If you have lost a loved one to wrongful death, start by reaching out to the legal team at Elam & Rousseaux, PLLC. We can offer you a free consultation with a skilled and experienced wrongful death attorney in Charlotte. Most importantly, we do not charge any fees for our services unless we win your case.

Call 704-343-0000 or complete an online form now to share the details of what happened with us.


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