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Heart Attack Misdiagnosis

You know something isn’t right. You see your doctor like you are supposed to and you just hope everything can return to normal. But when health care professionals misdiagnose heart attacks, the results can be devastating.

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Emergency room (ER) physicians and staff are often the first line of defense against potential strokes and heart attacks. Their misdiagnosis of a heart attack can prevent you from ever getting the care you need. In some cases, patients in the ER never see an attending physician, who is the person who can admit them into the hospital.

Filing A Claim For Misdiagnosis Of A Heart Attack In Charlotte, NC

When doctors misdiagnose or fail to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack, they cannot treat it properly. If you or a loved one did not get proper medical treatment for a heart attack, you will be left with serious long-term medical concerns. If you lost a loved one when a doctor’s negligence failed to provide them with proper medical care, we can help your family in this difficult time.

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