What medical errors could cause a birth injury?

While the birthing process looks different for every mother, your experience should never result in harm to you or your baby due to negligence. You should advocate for the birth experience you want.

Knowing which medical errors often result in an injury can help you better protect yourself and your unborn child. With your knowledge, communicate your expectations to your health care provider.

Inattentiveness to unique circumstances

Birth is a sensitive time that requires vigilance from your health care team to facilitate a smooth and safe delivery. If your doctor is not attentive and aware, critical warning signs might go unrecognized. For example, failure to notice your baby is breech or suffering from fetal distress.

Overlooking critical details such as these could injure your child, possibly fatally. If you have any concerns that your doctor is not spending adequate time assessing the needs of you and your baby, it is your right to request additional follow-up or ask for a different provider altogether.

Use of improper techniques

Ask questions during your prenatal visits. Listen closely to what you learn during your baby’s anatomy scan. Speak with other mothers to learn about different birth techniques and experiences. According to Stanford Medicine, an increase in the risk of a birth injury could occur in situations such as the following:

  • You need a cesarean delivery
  • Your baby has a large head
  • Your pelvic area is unusually shaped
  • You anticipate a premature birth

Knowing details about your health, as well as that of your baby can give you insight. From here, you can speak with your doctor about your concerns and ensure your medical team is fully aware of what could happen.

Birth injuries should never happen because your doctor makes a mistake. Your diligence in communicating your feelings and advocating for your rights and those of your baby could make a considerable difference to the birth experience.

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