Protecting Your Rights

When It Matters Most

Passionate About Helping Sufferers Get Justice

Suffering an injury can be traumatic and life-altering. You and your family may be struggling with mounting medical expenses or lost wages as you spend time away from work to recover.

At Elam & Rousseaux, PLLC, we can handle nearly every type of personal injury matter. We regularly help victims who were injured in roadway accidents as well as the surviving family members of those who have lost their lives in wrongful death situations. No matter what type of injury you have suffered, we are here to support you as we seek compensation.

Our team of Charlotte personal injury lawyers believes that you should not have to pay for the reckless behavior of another.

How Our Team Can Help

We are here to be your support system and fierce advocates as we pursue justice on your behalf. Our team strives tirelessly to secure full and fair compensation that can go toward easing the pressures of medical expenses and making amends for your suffering.

The benefits of hiring our firm include the following:

  • We limit our caseload so that we can devote maximum attention to our clients.
  • We offer free case consultations to get you started.
  • We share more than 90 years of combined legal experience.
  • We operate on a contingency fee basis.

Should I Accept The Insurance Company’s Settlement Offer?

We advise injured parties to consult with their attorney before making a decision such as accepting a settlement offer. In many cases, medical costs and other damages can last for years after the accident – it’s worth it to make sure that you get the money you need and deserve. With our personal injury team on your side, you can rest easy knowing that we will fight for the compensation that will take care of you and your family for as long as you need it.

How Long Will My Case Take?

The length of your case will depend largely on the specific factors involved. Investigating who can be held liable for your injuries and fighting to obtain full compensation might not be the shortest process in the world, but it is well worth the time and effort that goes into case preparation. Our firm will communicate with you honestly about what to expect and how to make the best decisions for your future.

How Do I Afford A Lawyer?

Unless we win on your behalf, you will not owe us for legal fees. We have a contingency fee setup, which allows you to take advantage of skilled and experienced legal representation without paying any upfront fees. Take this time to focus on recovery while we take care of the rest.

Turn To Attorneys Who Will Treat You Like Family

At Elam & Rousseaux, PLLC, our clients are more to us than just case numbers. The attorneys at our family-owned firm serve injury victims with compassionate guidance and listen to all their concerns. Your well-being and best interests are our number one priority. We are also highly experienced and have achieved a successful track record of obtaining compensation for clients. Contact us at 704-859-8979 to discuss your injury with us in a free consultation. We will help you understand your options.