Who Are Expert Witnesses?

Medical Experts Can Be Crucial To Your Medical Malpractice Case

One of the essential parts of preparing for a medical malpractice claim is gathering evidence. While the documents you and your attorney collect are critical, they are not the only evidence to help your case. Expert witnesses can give your claim the edge it needs to reach the best possible outcome, but who are these witnesses and what is their role?

At Elam & Rousseaux, PLLC, our attorneys take the time to thoroughly understand your unique situation to determine who can aid your claim with their expert testimony. Leveraging our combined 90 years of experience, we understand the complexities surrounding who can be an expert witness, as well as how critical this testimony can be to your case both prior to and during a trial.

Why Do You Need An Expert Witness?

To prove negligence in the care provided by the medical provider, the plaintiff, or injured patient, must show that the conduct did not meet an acceptable standard of care. The medical expert is critical to detailing what this established standard of care is. Their role is to clearly and plainly explain complicated medical matters to the jury in the courtroom. The witness’s testimony does not have to pertain to the malpractice event itself, but can instead discuss and explain the details that make up the event.

For example, suppose you suffered an anesthetic injury. In that case, an expert witness in anesthesiology could help illustrate the proper process to administer the anesthesia and identify how the actual actions that took place may be wrong.

Strict Rules On Who Can Be An Expert Witness

Finding the right medical expert is a key part of any medical malpractice case. The expert witness must be a medical professional with a similar background to that of the defendant. Using the example of the anesthetic injury above, if the injury was caused by an anesthesiologist in Charlotte, then an ideal expert witness would be another anesthesiologist either in Charlotte or familiar with the Charlotte standard of care.

In some situations, it is possible that your claim may not need an expert witness at all. If your injury involved a matter that anyone can understand, like leaving medical equipment or another foreign object in a patient’s body, then expert witness testimony may be unnecessary. We will review your case to determine whether you need an expert witness and if so, we will find the right expert to testify on your behalf.

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