Who is at fault in a multiple-car accident?

When one car crashes into another, the fault may or may not be easy to determine. A two-car collision may not be too challenging to investigate. Determining fault after a multicar crash on a North Carolina highway could be far more complicated. Multicar crashes not only involve several cars and victims, but they could also result in more than one party being found negligent.

Multicar crashes on North Carolina roads

Even though one driver may set things into motion, more than one party could be responsible for a multicar crash. An intoxicated driver may perform a highly unsafe lane change that causes a collision with another vehicle. However, other drivers on the road could be speeding, pointing potential fault in their direction as well.

Another point bears mentioning. Not everyone may share the same amount of blame. One driver could be 85% responsible for an accident, meaning that he or she may be responsible for 85% of the damages. Another driver may only face liabilities of 15% of the total costs.

Figuring out fault after a multicar crash

Insurance adjusters and civil courts may review the evidence presented after an accident. A multicar collision could be among the most chaotic of motor vehicle accidents. Eyewitnesses involved in the crash may not be entirely aware of how things happened. However, a pedestrian who saw the crash may provide clear testimony about how the crash happened.

Video evidence may tell a complete tale. Video footage from smartphones or dashcams may point an identifiable finger at all the individuals who contributed to the crash. Such evidence could greatly assist a settlement claim.

Sometimes, nondrivers could be at fault for an accident. Neglectful maintenance may leave a repair shop open to liability claims. Manufacturers may face legal troubles for defects. Ultimately, each case could have its particulars.

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