What is internal bleeding?

There are some injuries after a car accident that may not be immediately apparent. This does not mean they are not serious. In fact, many of the most severe injuries you can suffer take time to reveal themselves.

One such issue is internal bleeding. This occurs when you suffer internal damage and begin bleeding inside your body. It can be fatal, so recognizing the symptoms is important.

What you may experience

If you have internal bleeding, you may notice you feel lightheaded or dizzy. You may also faint. In the area where it is occurring, you may feel tightness or see swelling. There may also be pain at the site. If your situation goes too long without medical attention, there is a chance you will have seizures or lose consciousness. Symptoms will usually get worse as time goes on and you lose more blood.

When to get help

After an auto accident, you should seek medical care just to be safe. It is a good idea to have a doctor check you over because he or she may spot serious issues, such as internal bleeding. You may need tests as well. The doctor can properly assess your situation and will know how to treat any problem. You may need to make repeat visits to monitor your condition.

Internal bleeding happens in accidents because of blunt force trauma. Sometimes, there will be no external signs of a problem. It could take time for bruising to show up which alerts you to the trauma. You may not remember hitting that part of your body in the crash. An accident is a scary and confusing situation, which is why you should seek medical care and have an exam after any crash.

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