What constitutes a prescription error?

A medication dispensed via a doctor or hospital should prove safe. You do not expect to have issues, but you may feel worse or deal with unexpected consequences.

Prescription errors occur daily, and while the blame may vary, the consensus is that these missteps may prove dangerous and deadly. Take some time to learn more about common prescription mistakes.

What is a prescription error?

Most prescription errors result from mistakes in dosage or timing. Some physicians may write a script for an incorrectly calculated dose. Doctors determine the strength of medication by factoring in age and weight, among other factors. In some situations, a miscalculation occurs and may prove too strong. The error may also swing the other way and prove ineffective, causing an illness or medical event to become worse.

What are frequent prescription errors?

The doctors who prescribe drugs are not the only ones who may make a mistake.

Drug interactions

One of the most common ways you may suffer from a prescription error is by taking something that interacts with another medication. Pharmacists, both in hospitals and otherwise, should make patients aware of possible interactions between medications. These adverse effects may prove catastrophic.

Allergic reactions

You may have an allergy and not know. Some of the most deadly reactions to medication happen due to an unknown allergy to an ingredient. You should report any aversion in your family history to medical staff.

Refill problems

When the pharmacy does not refill medication, it may cause issues. Some drugs require a step-down of dosing rather than a stoppage. Not having a refill, especially for psychological disorders, may cause drastic changes in mental health and stability.

Prescription errors may fall under malpractice if the mistake proves avoidable. Someone with knowledge in this realm of personal injury may help.

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