What causes hospital errors?

The medical field is often about making split-second decisions and working under intense situations. But doctors have to keep a cool head under pressure or they can make life-altering mistakes.

Hospital errors are unfortunate, but getting to the bottom of why they happen is something that requires more study. Even so, there are some themes that seem to be consistent when it comes to mistakes during care.

Passed off duties

Doctors may take the word of someone else who reviewed test results instead of looking at them him or herself. A medical professional should always make sure to check test results even if someone else has already read them. Mistakes can happen, especially if the person who initially reads the results lacks the training or knowledge to see an issue.

Brain fog

The medical field is stressful, and doctors are only human. This can lead to a professional working under a mental fog. When this happens, they are not completely focused on providing the best care, which can lead to further issues.

Improper training

Every piece of equipment requires specific training, if facilities do not take the time to allow professionals to get this training, it can lead to errors. It is essential to know that doctors understand how to work everything they will use in the course of their day to avoid such problems.

Guilt keeps medical professionals from speaking up which inhibits the ability to fix the issues within the system. Getting to the heart of what is happening is the only way to prevent future hospital errors.

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