What are common hospital errors made by inexperienced nurses?

When seeking medical care in North Carolina, people place an inherent level of trust in the hospital staff. Nurses are a key part of the process and are expected to perform their work with patient safety in mind. It is unfortunate that nurses make medical errors just as doctors sometimes do. Frequently, these are made by inexperienced ones.

Types of errors inexperienced nurses might make

Nursing mistakes may include medication errors, inadvertently causing infections, gaps in record keeping, failure to have vital information, and patient falls. Medication is regularly dispensed in hospital situations and errors can cause damage. It might even lead to death. Some studies say missteps in administering medicines might comprise nearly one-third of all medication errors. Nurses are advised to track the patient’s identity, check for allergies and consistently verify the patient’s personal information.

Infections may cause almost 100,000 deaths in hospitals each year. Hospitals are viewed as a breeding ground for infections and this is exacerbated by nurses who do not ensure areas are disinfected or that gloves are used. Accurate record keeping is critical. This includes when various treatments have been given, if medications have been stopped and if there were changes to the order for care a patient is supposed to receive. In hospitals, patients are known to fall. Nurses are relied on to avoid this. They should show vigilance in ensuring that patients are not intimidated to ask for help when getting out of bed or are in need of other forms of assistance.

Recognizing a nursing error can be essential

Because mistakes made by nurses are among the most problematic hospital errors, it is crucial for those who might have been impacted by them to recognize the signs. It is not always obvious that a patient was harmed because of a nursing mistake. Seeking guidance with assessing the circumstances can be a fundamental part of determining what happened and why. Having experienced legal advice is a useful step in considering options for patients and their families.

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