Retained surgical items

Surgical staff uses instruments in surgical procedures and is supposed to keep track of all medical devices and tools used during any surgical procedure. There have been instances when a foreign object has unintentionally been left inside the patient’s body. These “retained surgical items” could be anything from tiny needles, scalpels, gauze or sponges. Leaving them inside a patient’s body can pose a significant threat to the patient’s well-being and easily endanger their life or result in serious health complications.

What type of complications can occur as a result?

After the surgery, the human body may naturally attempt to heal by expelling the foreign object from the body, which can result in the object’s movement inside the patient’s body. Patients may also suffer from an infection in a particular organ or sepsis.

The potential health complications and dangers that can occur to the patient when there is a foreign object inside their body are endless, including death, which a surgeon must remove as soon as possible.

What should I do if this happens to me?

The patient should seek medical evaluation for possible harm or damage caused by the object inside them. Additional surgeries to remove the retained surgical items are usually necessary, and various risks can be associated with all surgical procedures.

People subject to surgical errors may feel helpless and face an understandable desire for justice and restoration of their health. Specialized attorneys can assist individuals in navigating this process and handling matters with medical staff and hospitals.

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