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Did your doctor commit a “wrong-site error”?

You rely on the expertise of your health care provider to give you the correct treatment for your condition. Unfortunately, mistakes can…

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3 tips for safely traversing the roads on bicycle

Bicycles are one of the first modes of transportation in many individuals’ lives, as well as a key feature in their fond…

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Why doctors often misdiagnose kidney cancer

When something feels off in your body or you begin noticing unusual health symptoms, you may visit your North Carolina doctor to…

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Birth injuries due to vacuum-assisted deliveries

It is pivotal for parents preparing for childbirth as well as those struggling with the aftermath of a complicated delivery to have…

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Common injuries in DUI Accidents

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can cause significant problems. DUI accidents are usually severe due to the drunk or…

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How should your doctor act while writing a prescription?

When dealing with prescription errors, it may leave you wondering what went wrong and why. Noticing how your doctor acted is important…

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