How much do distractions influence prescription errors?

When you are in the middle of an appointment with a doctor, you may not realize that the prescription you get could harm you.

Medical malpractice can happen when a professional does not listen to you or does not write the correct dosage for you. Distractions can make a serious impact on how accurate a prescription is.

Lack of attention

According to the National Library of Medicine, a doctor may forget to check what they wrote when giving you a prescription. When you are talking with a medical professional, constant interruptions from other staff members and noises from machines can leave them feeling confused and overwhelmed.

Making sure the amount of medicine you take and when you take it is correct is important. These distractions mean that the doctor may not pay attention fully to what you are saying or what you need.

Multiple conversations

When a doctor needs to answer multiple questions about different subjects in a short amount of time, they could give the wrong answers. This includes instances where staff members interrupt your discussions or need to talk privately with your doctor.

Important details can slip from your doctor’s mind about your condition and your needs. This could then lead to a wrong prescription or dosage.

Minimal professionalism

A stressed doctor may try to get you out of their office as fast as possible and accidentally forget to check your medical history during a visit. If two drugs you take do not work well together, then you could suffer from serious health-related repercussions.

Learning about how harmful distractions are and why medical malpractice can hurt you is important.

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