How can forceps leave birth injuries?

As you push during labor, you may need added help from forceps, which are metal tongs that help your baby go through the birth canal.

However, a negligent medical professional using this tool improperly can leave you and your infant with birth injuries and lasting health complications.

Rips and tears

According to the Mayo Clinic, tissue in your lower body can have tears after this procedure. The area between your vagina and anus can rip due to rushed and sloppy forceps usage.

This big instrument can even cause uterine rupture if it stretches you too far, which can leave you in severe pain since your uterine wall tears during this injury. Forceps can also push your child or shove your placenta back into an unsafe area in your abdominal cavity if used incorrectly.

Infant complications

A newborn that sustains facial or eye injuries may struggle to heal in some circumstances. Due to how the forceps clamp down on the parts of an infant’s face or body during delivery, you may notice skull or eye trauma after the birth.

This pressure on a newborn’s face may also lead to facial palsy if his or her muscles weaken after the medical professional uses forceps.

Pain and bladder problems

Being unable to urinate or not being able to completely empty your bladder can greatly interfere with your daily life. You may find that you have a reoccurring feeling of pain, or that you urinate or defecate without warning due to incontinence after enduring tears during this procedure.

Forceps may help you during delivery, but rushed or sloppy usage of them can leave you and your newborn with serious health concerns.

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