How can drivers trying to multitask lead to car crashes?

As you continue operating your car on crowded roads, you may eventually notice some signs of distracted driving.

Some drivers may inaccurately assume that completing other tasks and looking away from the front of the car for a short amount of time are not dangerous decisions. Multitasking is more distracting than people may assume and can cause a serious accident.

Underestimating the draw of phones

According to the United States Department of Transportation, you may notice the telltale light of a phone screen while pulling up alongside a car. This means that the person inside could be in the middle of typing a message or looking down to check the screen.

When drivers underestimate how quickly they need to be able to stop in time to avoid a crash, they may feel more comfortable looking at their phones.

Assuming eating food is safe

Since there are no legal guidelines regarding food and drink in a car, drivers could assume that eating and drinking are safe to do. When they take their hands off the wheel for any amount of time, they risk running off the road or rear-ending another vehicle near them.

The distraction that comes from picking up and putting down items can make a person’s attention shift away from the other cars.

Turning around in the seat

When a person in the back seat is talking to the driver, they may naturally let their eyes and mind drift away from the road in front of them. Some may even twist around in order to stare at the other person.

These kinds of distractions happen when a driver decides to multitask and can lead to serious crashes.

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