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Why is lymphoma often hard to detect?

Identifying and diagnosing lymphoma is difficult due to its complex nature and the subtlety of its early symptoms. Lymphoma, a type of…

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How can defective medical devices harm you?

In the modern world, medical advancements have provided people with solutions to many health issues. From pacemakers to artificial joints, medical devices…

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Nurse fatigue and patient safety

Every day, nurses play a necessary role in ensuring the well-being of patients. However, there is an often overlooked danger that lurks…

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5 consequences of a prescription error

Prescription errors, though often overlooked, can have serious consequences for patients. These mistakes can lead to a range of adverse effects. 1.…

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What are some signs of anesthesia malpractice?

Anesthesia plays a big role in a patient’s comfort and safety during surgeries. However, there are many ways that it might go…

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Did your doctor commit a “wrong-site error”?

You rely on the expertise of your health care provider to give you the correct treatment for your condition. Unfortunately, mistakes can…

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