Can rushing be to blame for failed diagnoses?

If you feel rushed through your doctor’s appointment in North Carolina, you are definitely not the only one. Feeling like your doctor did not spend adequate time assessing your condition may raise flags about your diagnosis.

Failure to diagnose can absolutely happen when your doctor rushes you in and out of the office. Knowing how to advocate for your health may help you avoid the grim reality of untreated symptoms.

Lack of empathy

When you think of critical skills for a doctor to have, you probably think of skills related to their education and experience. However, basic characteristics including attention to detail, timeliness and empathy matter just as much. According to U.S. News, many physicians lack time to express empathy simply because their appointments occur back-to-back throughout the day. This makes it that much more critical for them to show empathy in the limited time they spend with you.

When you visit with your doctor, you may consider asking for a few minutes to have a personal conversation before he or she updates your charts. Having interpersonal interactions without the buzzing of data entry into a laptop can help you feel heard. During these moments, express your health concerns and lay out in detail what you have done up to this point to mitigate your symptoms.

Overlooked priorities

After receiving any treatment, you should request and expect a follow-up. This may happen via phone or in-person. These appointments provide critical insight into your condition and whether or not improvement has happened. If you do not receive any follow-up, do your due diligence to get up to speed with your situation.

If you ever feel that your health care provider has missed the mark and your health continues to suffer as a result, seek a second opinion. Advocating for your wellness can help you secure an accurate diagnosis before your symptoms worsen and you suffer further discomfort.

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