Can back injuries impact self-supporting abilities?

Back injuries are one of the most common damages that occur during a car crash. They can have lasting repercussions on a person’s mental and physical health.

But unfortunately, these consequences might be even longer-lasting than expected due to the impact on a person’s ability to support themselves through work.

Severity of back injuries

As Mayo Clinic states, back injuries cover a wide array of potential harm and involve many different aspects. Numerous factors dictate how bad the injury itself will be, too. This includes a person’s overall health, the location of the injury, the amount of force behind the crash, whether the victim wore a seatbelt, and more.

In the most extreme of cases, a back injury could render a person incapable of retaining the healthy range of motion and physical capabilities expected of an able-bodied person in their age range.

A risk of occupation

In short, if their job depends on their mobility and ability to use their back, they might not be able to fulfill their job duties anymore. This is unfortunately grounds for letting someone go, or reassigning them to a different and potentially less well-paying position within the company.

This is in addition to the bills that will come along with handling a health concern. Medical costs can skyrocket even without a victim needing surgery or intensive care. One stay in the hospital is often enough to saddle people with thousands of dollars in expenses.

In short, a person might lose their income while also facing medical debt. This is exactly why many will turn to seek compensation for damages lost.

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