3 tips for safely traversing the roads on bicycle

Bicycles are one of the first modes of transportation in many individuals’ lives, as well as a key feature in their fond childhood memories. However, they do not stay in the realm of the youth. Adults often use bicycles to get to places as well as for exercise and recreation.

However, like with any vehicle, regardless of motorization, there is some risk. According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, an estimated 1,000 bicyclists become involved in vehicular accidents annually, excluding ones not reported to the police. Certain safety precautions can help cyclists reduce the likelihood of a wreck.

1. Maintain watchfulness

Just like when driving, it is important to avoid distractions. This includes texting and talking or looking at phones. Listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks is also a distraction. While it is common to have earbuds or headphones in while walking or exercising, it can prevent individuals from hearing important indicators of danger, like approaching vehicles.

2. Maintain visibility

Wear clothes in bright colors, such as neon yellow or orange. It may also be beneficial to make the bike itself more visible, through reflectors and reflective tape. Bicyclists are harder for drivers to see. Raising visibility helps avoid wrecks arising from this.

3. Maintain compliance

Bicycles are vehicles. They are subject to the same regulations as cars. By following all relevant laws, including yielding to pedestrians, driving on the right side of the road, having the proper equipment and using all the appropriate signals for turning, bicyclists help ensure not just their safety, but that of others on the road.

Bicycling naturally carries a certain level of danger. However, bicyclists can minimize this by practicing caution and obeying the law.

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